Beef (tv series) and Asian American Sex Part 4

White America is fixated on the road rage and revenge aspects of Beef (tv series). Asian Americans and the Asian diaspora in the Western world continue to peel back all the layers of Beef. There is so much there in Beef.

When I think of white media portrayals of Asian sexuality, the women are passive, war time prostitutes, or masseuses. Asian men are void of sex.

Asian Americans have sex in Beef. All kinds of sex.

Chinese-Viet-American Amy uses a gun as a sex toy. She tells George, her Japanese American husband, that sex with him is too vanilla. She has furtive, exhilarating, and seemingly liberating sex with Paul. Paul, a Korean American man, is a sexual delivery man. George masturbates to a photo of Kayla, Amy’s assistant. Danny masturbates to a photo of Amy’s butt thinking that it’s Kayla’s butt.

Paul, Amy’s temporary lover

Amy has anonymous sex with a much older white man she met on Yahoo Chess. She keeps herself covered with a blanket and refuses to face him. I won’t read too much into choosing a white man. I think it’s more about the fact that they will most likely never run into each other and he’s out of touch with lifestyle brands like Koyohaus.

Korean American Naomi, leaves her white husband for his billionaire sister. Jordan, a white woman, is the main perpertrator of fetishizing and appropriating Asianness.

Asian Americans have sex in Beef. Because human beings have sex. They have secretive sex. Shameful sex. Exhilirating sex. Glorious sex. Lesbian sex. They have sex alone.